Installation of Glass Swimming Pools

To install glass swimming pools effectively and correctly, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. 

Glass Swimming Pools

Acrylic Pool Windows

Acrylic Pool Windows

Are you using the correct type of glass?

The correct type of glass is crucial to the success of an installation. Many suppliers will sell you normal annealed glass which is green in colour. The thicker the glass, the greener the glass looks. You don’t want to have a crystal-clear pool that looks dirty even when clean! 

What is the lamination used between the glass layers on your pool window?

If the incorrect lamination layers are used, this will allow water to ingress into the pool window layers. This is unsightly and the panel will need to be replaced within 2 years. The lamination we use is imported. Ask your pool window installer if they know the difference! 

Is your pool window specified to the correct thickness?

Has an engineer or aqua engineer designed the panel to the correct thickness? Do you know that if a glass swimming pool breaks and hurts or injures someone, you as the homeowner or facility owner are liable for this? Do not take the chance using an unreputable pool window installer on your installation. A leaking pool window is one thing, a lawsuit is another kettle of fish all together. 

Has the support rebate where this panel is installed been designed correctly?

If not, this can cause cracking in your glass swimming pool, resulting in a seal failing. 

Have you prepared the surface of the window correctly to have good bonding with your pool window and the surface of the sealant?

There are many materials acting and moving at different expansion coefficients. Have you taken this into account? 

Expansion and contraction in glass and acrylic pool windows are two very different things. Have you determined if you have the correct expansion gaps that will allow for this expansion to happen?

In South Africa we have a very high temperature rate change between hot and cold. We can easily have 30-degree swings between summer and winter months. Have you accounted for this in your seal? 

Types of sealant used. We at pool windows have developed our techniques over 10 years. We have tried and tested various sealants and have come up with the most successful sealants for our glass swimming pools.

After all the above considerations, rather partner with us at Pool Windows on your Glass swimming pools and acrylic swimming pools. Do not take unnecessary risk and reputational risk for a poorly installed window.
Once a pool window is installed by another contractor, and it leaks, we will try to assist, however we will not provide warranties on such a repair, if it’s even possible which it may not be.
If you do not choose to use us. Please ask your installer all the above questions and make sure they understand these!

The top edge of our acrylic pool windows can be bevelled into radiuses, giving a unique and beautiful finish to the top edges.

Skilled team of professionals

Our team of specialists are up to any challenge. We can bend and cut acrylic to any shape and size! We have our own CNC, laser and oven to perform any task, and make any vision come true. 

We are waiting for the next challenge from you!