Infinity Pool Glass

Our infinity pool glass looks great and is made to the highest safety standards.


Glass Swimming Pool

Glass Swimming Pool

Features of our infinity pool glass

Our pool glass for swimming pools is tough enough to handle high safety standards.

Our maximum length in standard sheets is 3200mm x 1200mm high panels. 


Our maximum length in jumbo sheets is 5200mm x 1200mm high panels. 


If you require something bigger then please visit our acrylic pool window tab for longer seamless lengths!

If your budget does not suit going for acrylic, our team can place columns between panels in-order to span longer distances then 3200mm or 5100mm respectively. We can also construct this swimming pool glass together with silicone, not needing the columns. See below details showing what a butt joint looks like in silicone. 

Glass Swimming Pool

Straight Join Between Two Panels

We use ultra-clear/ opti white glass for our glass windows for great clarity! There is a special imported layering system between the laminates of the glass to ensure that no water ingress. This layering system is extremely important!

The glass thickness is determined by various influencing factors. The most important being the height. The higher the panel the thicker the panel needs to be. With swimming pool glass windows we usually laminate a 10mm panels to one another to get to the desired thickness.


Have a look below at what multilaminate glass looks like below.

Glass Swimming Pool

Ultra Clear Options White Glass

Have a look below what the clarity difference is between normal annealed glass vs opti white glass vs acrylic. 

Swimming Pool Glass

Normal Glass (Left) Acrylic (Centre), Ultra Clear Glass (Right)

We are able to make L shape Rimflow windows with glass. See below a project in Midstream estate.

Glass Swimming Pool

Glass Swimming Pool

We also use glass to make basement windows such as below in Copper Leaf Golf Estate. 

Glass Swimming Pool

Glass Swimming Pool

  • Glass is cheaper then acrylic
  • Does not scratch as easily as acrylic
  • Has a 5 year manufacturer warranty against delamination
  • Glass is widely used in South African pools and ponds, however in Europe, acrylic is the preferred material.  
  • Skilled team of professionals

    Our team of specialists are up to any challenge. We can bend and cut acrylic to any shape and size! We have our own CNC, laser and oven to perform any task, and make any vision come true. 

    We are waiting for the next challenge from you!